My favourite attention getters…

Whole Brain Teaching posters, behind my desk in the classroom!

Whole Brain Teaching and attention getters posters, behind my desk in the classroom!

As teachers, we know the value of having good attention getters to calm a noisy classroom.  I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all of the most effective attention getters I have used , in one spot…

My most favourite attention getter, by far is : WBT- “Class Class Class”, they respond with “Yes, Yes, Yes”. In the exact same way the teacher said, whether a high or low voice, silly or whatever.  I say class they say yes. I say classity class class, they say yesity yes yes. All students  love it. I change the tone of my voice and they change the tone in theirs.

My class magic bell!

My class magic bell!

Whole Brain Teaching is based on brain based learning. The technique to consistently catch the attention of your class is simple. It is so simple, and effective that I kicked myself for not having thought of it myself years ago, and have lamented many times since the instructional time I lost for not having known this.

Simple, hunh? It is amazing how effective this approach is.

Whole Brain Teaching uses a very simple and effective approach. Whole Brain Teaching injects fun back into the classroom for both me  and my class.

One day I was trying to come up with something different from what they may have had in the past, and then I found this on line ! I say “Alright stop!” And the students say “collaborate and listen!” It’s perfect because they really do have to do those things, come together and listen. I love it!

Happy teachers=Happy students

Happy teachers=Happy students

I say Pop , kids say corn. I say Apple, kids say Sauce. I say hot, kids say dog. I say milk, kids say shake. You can do it with any word combo as long as kids know that when they say the word it means freeze and eyes on me.

I have also tried ..: If you can hear my voice, clap once.  If you can hear my voice, clap twice.  I start at a whisper and they are silent by 4 claps…best part is no yelling.

I put a little bell on my desk last year and it was magical! The kids love it –I just use it when I need their full attention or when I want them to know that time is up for some activity we do….

If you are in need of some great attention getters to quiet your classroom, this additional list below is just for you!  You can  save it for when you need them on the fly!

It can be found behind my desk in my classroom, along with the Whole Brain Teaching rules !

Me,saying " Class, class, class"!!

Me,saying ” Class, class, class”!!


Teacher                                     Students

NEVER ———————> GIVE UP!


WORK————————> HARD!


L-I-S—————————> T-E-N! LISTEN!






ALL SET————————–> YOU BET!






3,  2,  1……—————————>( CLAP)!


1,2,3  EYES ON ME ———————–> 1,2 EYES ON YOU!


And the old-time-classic :



"Oh, class! Oh, yes!"

“Oh, class! Oh, yes!”


If you liked this post , be sure to share it with  your teacher colleagues struggling to get their students’ attention ,every day..! Because ,happy teachers=happy students!


One thought on “My favourite attention getters…

  1. Αγαπητή Αφροδίτη, σήμερα ανακάλυψα το μπλογκ σου. Θαυμάσιο, συγχαρητήρια! Η μεγάλη μου απορία είναι: έχεις δική σου αίθουσα;


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