My super power


I believe that, humans might be lacking in supernatural abilities like invisibility, telepathy or flight, but,we have numerous hidden ‘Superpowers’ that are not just very human and personal, but really define who we are and could be on the deepest level. And I am always willing to make my students aware of them.

In class, I usually work with my 6th graders, starting a discussion about Superheroes .

It won’t take long until hands shoot up and at least half the kids want to tell you about watching “Batman”, “Wonder Woman”, or “Spiderman”. From this, I start to build a case where I compare my children to the Superheroes they admire. 

  • We make a list of the good things Superheroes do. Save people, stop the bad guys, protect the community, stop crime, etc.
  • I ask what special character traits a Superhero has. They’re kind, selfless, considerate, helpful, hardworking, trustworthy, etc.
  • I ask what it would feel like to be able to help people the way a Superhero does and what it would feel like to be helped.  


After our discussion, I ask the question: “Did you know that YOU have a Superpower?”

Students, may initially be confused by such a bold statement but when you ask them which character traits they possess that are the same as a Superhero, you can point out the “superpowers” they have.

I conclude by brainstorming ideas that are applicable for that age group and empower my students to get started doing kind deeds for others.


Here are few super power ideas, provided by students:


Flying would be very helpful. I wouldn’t have to pay for transportation to go home or even to go overseas! Flying around the city, going places I wouldn’t normally go would be a great way to see the world from a different angle. And of course I could visit my friends and relatives more often. I could also help people in need, and save cats from trees, like a fireman.

The power to get it done

I’d like the super power to be able to juggle homework, lessons, clubs, and more. Good time management is always a hard thing.


Here I am

I’d love to be able to apparate, or appear wherever I wanted. I could wake up at the minute the bell rings and get to school within a few seconds…

Total recall

So many of my problems could be solved if I had a photographic memory. Think back to the times you had to memorize my English vocabulary lists.


Definitely teleportation! It is much more useful than other super powers. Life as a student is so busy and hectic, because we are always rushing off to school, tutorials, music lessons, and more. With the power of teleportation, we can save a lot of time and get more rest! And it would be better for the environment!


My super power would be immortality. If I could live forever, I could use my “whole” life to help others during natural disasters, since I would not be afraid of losing my life. I could also give all my money to those in need, because I would never have to buy new clothes or accessories.


I live pretty far from my school, so it would be really convenient if could just fly there. I‘d also save a lot of money on bus fare, and protect the environment from more greenhouse gases.


I would like to have the superpower of omnilingualism, where I could instantly learn, speak, and understand any language fluently.


EXTRA:Food for thought, for us teachers

Is creativity a super power??

We are all born with the ability to be creative and giving value to our original ideas, but some of us take more time learning about, advancing, and working on the different ways to use these ideas and technology in the classroom.

Creativity is not supposed to be a superpower. Those who have developed amazing ideas and products are considered masterminds and superheroes. But, is creativity really a superpower? If it is, then we are looking at superheroes every day. From the nurse in the hospital and the police officer, to your local bank teller and persons taking care of human resources. Whoever we are and whatever we do, the world needs OUR superpowers.





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