An acrostic name gift, for our students


This idea,was born out of the need for a name day -and even a birthday- gift for my students,  with a positive message, to show how much I love them and believe in them!

Since the first time I tried this idea, I have loved doing it year after year. It is wonderful to see my students’ reactions!
To make the craft, we need a post- it  note, for writing an adjective for each letter of the student’s name and a pen or pencil .

You may also need to have a positive personality adjective list printed, in advance.

Here’s one such list you can use.

If your students wish , they can write their own acrostic and make the craft themselves! I prefer to make it for them and choose the adjectives which I believe are best for them!

They are thrilled to know how much their teacher values their talents and respects their personality! It is a great self-esteem booster idea! Perfect for any age!

The children LOVE to see their acrostic  name, hanging on the pen ! This idea, gets ALL KINDS of compliments and attention from all students and colleagues too, which is always fun to receive !

Highly recommended! Why don’t you give it a try, too?


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