Working on feelings

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I have always wanted to work on feelings with my youngest students , in a more creative way!

It was last year, the day I attended  Maria Papadimitriou ‘s inspiring  talk, in one of  our local English Teachers’ Association seminar days, when I finally  decided ,to  do so!  Maria, is a passionate state primary school English teacher, working in a village school , in  central Greece.

Feeling angry: miming games

Maria, presented her teachings tips and ideas in detail  and gave us examples about  how to work on feelings with the students,  successfully!

I  decided to try most of her suggestions with my afternoon classes and found out that they really worked !! This is why I am here today, to share them with all of you, too! Because,they worked!!

Day 1

Step 1: Students learn and sing any  feelings song-s . The songs I used with my students, can be found in:

Happy-immitation games
Happy-miming games

Lesson Plan

What we need: a puppet,a  soft ball,a  CD player,paper plates,straws, a stappler, feelings flashcards, a “feelings” dice or spinner, a feelings check- in board or a  poster

Language  :happy, sad, hungry, thirsty, tired,angry,scared, how are you feeling, today?, Are you…? , Yes, I am, No, I am not

Lesson 1

Warm up-5 min

The puppet role plays a small dialogue and presents the feelings vocabulary to the students!

mosaic feelings new puppet
Our puppet!

Task 1

The feelings check-in board

The puppet asks each student, how he/she is feeling.Then, the puppet calls out students’ names it gives each of them a clothes pin with their name on and asks them to tag it on the picture which is their feeling at the moment, on the feelings check-in board or poster.

The feelings poster

Task 2- 10 min

Students listen to “Hello, how are you” song or any other similar one .The song I used with my students, can be found here:

Task 3

Students  make different feelings puppets using  paper plates and straws.

mosaic feel last4

End of the lesson-5 min

The puppet asks students “How are you feeling NOW”? Students, spot the changes in their mood.

The students, imitate their  feeling and then , change the position of the clothes pin on the feelings poster, if their feelings have changed ! They may use, more than one clothes pins.

Students, raise their paper plate masks to identify their feelings .

Day 2

Lesson 2

Warm-up -2 min

The teacher uses flashcards, to revise happy, sad, tired, hungry, thirsty and to add angry, scared, hot, cold!

Task 1-10 min

A soft ball game

The teacher, throws the ball to students  and asks: ” How are you feeling, today”?Students, reply.


Task 2- 10 min

The teacher uses a feelings dice or spinner ( I used the beautiful spinner , my partner and friend in Taiwan Annie Tsai had sent me ) and asks the students  to play a miming game . Students mime the feeling on the dice/spinner and their classmates try to guess.

A gift spinner- which I finally used in my class to teach feelings- Annie Tsai, had sent it to my students as a present!
A spinner- which I finally used in my class to teach feelings- Annie Tsai, had sent it to my students as a present!

Task 3-10 min

Story reading: ” Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”

As students listen to the story, they are asked to raise their paper plate masks to indentify their feelings in each different stage.

mosaic feel lastsos

End of the lesson- 10 min

Students play the ” How are you feeling Mr Wolf” playground  game.

Each time the players ask Mr Wolf this question, he answers with a feeling word. All the players , have to immitate his feeling!

Finally, the Wolf says, ” I am Hungry”! When he does, all students rush away and run all over the playground, trying not to get caught by the Wolf! Whoever gets caught first, becomes the Wolf in the new round.

How are you feeling Mr Wolf?
How are you feeling Mr Wolf?

Useful sites to visit ( Emotions museum of Childhood in Athens)

Students, immitate Mr Wolf's feelings!
Students, imitate Mr Wolf’s feelings!