The ” Time Capsule ” idea completed

In the beginning of the school year, I shared here, my “Time Capsule” idea..Our english class “Time Capsule” got opened, yesterday! !

I would like to remind you of this idea  now, that it’s complete!

THE TIME CAPSULE IDEA: For this activity, I use a Pringles can.

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1) I have the kids write a letter to…. themselves about how they feel being in the 6th grade, what they think they will be doing during the year, what their expectations for the year are, who their “best” friends will be, what they would like me to do during the year, ( how I can best help them) what the most important thing they wish to learn during the year is and anything else that comes to their mind.

I ask my younger learners to write sentences starting with ” I can” , “I will”!

This is what we put in the time capsule ,in the beginning of the school year.

This is what we put in the time capsule ,in the beginning of the school year.


2) I put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the Pringles can to be opened the last week of school and reread by the students.

They really enjoy this, particularly knowing that they will be able to open the ” time capsule” at the end of the year!

They tend to forget about the “time capsule” during the school year though, and it’s always a big surprise for them in June, when it’s brought to class!It’s a great  lesson , too: they are  reminded  that, goals setting is important!

So, when the end of the school year  comes, my students are asked to  open the capsule and start reflecting on our start -of- the- school -year goals! This is an example of my students’ work! They wrote their text on the back of the paper which they had put into the capsule 8 months ago!!


How precious is it,  learning about  how to accomplish goals ??

Better than just learning … grammar rules !..

When the time capsule opens, a discussion follows...

When the time capsule opens, a discussion follows…